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barbell club

“developed by women, for women,the fitbliss barbell club combines the best research available on female training with our decade of experience helping women find success in gaining strength and shaping their bodies.”



Are you tired of wandering around the gym aimlessly without a plan, sick of leaving your CrossFit Box feeling beat up emotionally and physically, or fed up with putting together your own plans that you’re not even confident are working?

The Fitbliss Barbell Club was developed for women like you looking for a plan tailored to your body, with smart programming that will give you noticeable results in you strength and physique while making your training motivating and fun.

Each month your Fitbliss Barbell Club App will update with a new block of programming that will include two lower body workouts, two upper body workouts and, depending on our focus that month, one optional workout.


Each exercise in our program is filmed and explained in detail by one of our very own Fitbliss coaches so you know exactly what to do. Should you have any additional questions, you can always use the in App chat function, post in the Fitbliss Barbell Club Support Group and if needed you can even share one of your lifting videos for form feedback from one of our expert coaches.

Fitbliss barbell club community

We believe everything in life is better with the support of friends. By joining the club, you will get to connect with like minded women through our active Fitbliss community that offers a wide range of conversations.  From recipes and motivation to fitness hacks and everything in between, we have you covered. You will find we do a lot of “Fitbliss” specific work here and it is a great place to draw inspiration for your health, fitness and personal development goals.

fitbliss barbell club options

at home

45-60 Minute Program

4-5 days/week

Emphasis on compound bodyweight movements, proper form, and consistency!

*Note: You will need a kettlebell, dumbbells, and a set of bands (you can purchase this for $75 or less).

monthly investment



60-75 Minute Program

4-5 days/week

Hybrid strength and conditioning program that integrates powerlifting and shaping exercises.

*Note: You will need a gym membership for this program.

monthly investment



75 Minute Program

4-5 days/week

Science-based strength and shaping workouts that our bikini competitors use to get into competition shape! 

*Note: You will need a gym membership for this program.

monthly investment


barbell club +

This option includes your monthly Fitbliss Barbell Club Subscription PLUS:

Detailed 1:1 Weekly Check-Ins with your Primary Coach

Nutrition Coaching

Personal Development Exercises

Mental Health Strategies

monthly investment



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