Meet our amazing coach, Sharon! Sharon is a high level national NPC bikini athlete who just this year competed at two national level competitions receiving first callouts and placing top 10 in both! Sharon is an incredible athlete and coach and we love having her on our team!



When Her Fitness Journey Began

I always played sports growing up! From volleyball to cheer, track, and cycling, I had an active social life that naturally kept me in shape.

After I got married, I felt like I didn’t really have a reason to get out and move as much. I would work all day, come home Netflix binge, eat, and repeat. I felt lazy and unmotivated and started to feel like I didn’t have much purpose to my daily routine.

In 2013 I joined a gym and taught myself how to lift! I found a three month program online, watched the videos, and learned about bodybuilding. Naturally I fell in love! I had found a goal that was so fun & rewarding! Seeing my results set me on the path towards taking my physique to the next level!

Since discovering my love for fitness, I have competed in 6 NPC Bodybuilding competitions (three at the national level). I also have an olympic weightlifting background and a passion for building strength and feeling strong not only physically, but mentally as well!


Why She Became A Coach

Bodybuilding and fitness came very naturally to me. They gave me the power to understand the control that I have over my body, thoughts, and outcomes! I loving sharing my knowledge and passion with others so they, too, can discover the power they have within!


An Obstacle Along the Way

Realizing that my journey is different from anyone else’s journey. Someone else’s ways may not  work for me and that’s ok! We are all unique and the faster you can you love everything about YOUR body without comparison the more love you can have for everyone around you most importantly – yourself!


What Fitbliss Means to Her

Fitbliss is a path of self discovery –  learning to find your purpose through mental strength and physical strength with a community of like minded women to back you up!


Favorite Lift

The Snatch – which is to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. It’s scary, exciting & liberating all at the same time!


Future Goals

I am currently working on getting my Pro Card as an NPC Bikini Athlete.



Get in touch with Sharon

Instagram: @barbellfitchick Email:

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