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Fitbliss Fitness Woman of the Week: Miquelle

Woman of the Week

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Woman of the Week
Miquelle Lindstrom

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A little about her

Currently I am a Licensed Practical Nurse. My full time job is in a clinic working with a Nurse Practitioner, a doctor, and other support staff. My PRN or as I like to call it “just for fun job” is working as a charge nurse in a skilled care facility on weekends. I love my job and I love being a nurse so working doesn’t really feel like work. I am going back to RN school in January and plan to be in the Emergency Department.

In my spare time I like to do aerial yoga, upcycle/repurpose thrifted furniture, and spend time with my 2 dogs and husband. I enjoy anything from going to the dog park, rivers and waterfalls, hiking, or something as simple as going on a walk. Lucky for me, my husband has a couple of cool hobbies too such as woodworking, welding, and knife making. This makes life really fun because we get to work on projects for our home together.


What brought her to Team Fitbliss

One of the coaches, Anneke was from the same hometown as me so I knew about Fitbliss. At the end of 2018 I starting following another coach, Lynndsey, on instagram. I love these ladies attitude and I loved seeing the progress that their clients were making.

I wished that I still lived in Utah so I could join the Fitbliss In Gym program, Ladies Lift but since I’m not local, I work with Fitbliss online. In January I heard about the Barbell Club and talked with my husband about trying it.

My husband, Josh has always been my biggest supporter and he really pushed me to try it. He is currently active duty in the army and we both knew he was deploying in February. From previous experiences without him, I knew that the gym helped me during periods while he was away, so I took a chance and signed up for the Barbell Club and never looked back!


Her favorite lift

I would have to say the Sumo Deadlift is my favorite lift. I love pulling way more than I weigh. It makes me feel strong and like I can accomplish anything! I also like that it works many different muscle groups in one movement.

I think that lifting weights is one of the most important things a woman can do. It helps you stay healthy and fit and most of all helps your self confidence.




What she has accomplished since joining our team

I have never really had self confidence, but working with my coach Sami and being in such a supportive group of women has helped my self confidence increase tremendously and has spilled over into every aspect of my life.


Her favorite macro-friendly food

I love protein waffles or pancakes! I don’t really know why because I used to hate pancakes but they seem to be a staple in my routine now.



Someone who inspires her

My grandma has always been my inspiration. She left home at 15 and lied about her age so she could start to work. She worked through having one child and adopting another (My mom). She put up with multiple marriages, putting one of her husbands through dental school and still worked until she was 79. She was always so fiercely independent and ambitious. I hope to make her proud and take care of her and cherish her in the years she has left.


A struggle along the way

For the last 2 years my husband and I have spent one full year completely apart. During this time, sometimes we’re only able to talk for 5 minutes a day at most. Taking care of everything while he has been gone (including myself) has really been a struggle. I had no idea how bad my emotional eating was until I was alone and all of my emotions, stress, loneliness, and boredom made me want to eat all the junk food.

In addition to not having my husband around, recently I’ve had issues with cars breaking, AC breaking, and my dogs having issues- which doesn’t help the urge to eat the junk. I am so lucky that I have found Fitbliss to help me deal with this stress because honestly I don’t know what would have happened to me if I was in the same situation as 2 years ago. Even though sometimes life happens and I can’t make it to the gym, I no longer negative self talk myself and can handle the curves that life throws at me! BEST OF ALL MY HUSBAND WILL BE HOME SOON!


Biggest takeaway from working with Team Fitbliss

That I am way stronger than I think and how important form and foundation is with my lifting.

Most importantly, self care and self love are so so important! These two things have a huge impact on everything you do!


Upcoming goals

Right now I am in a reverse dieting phase so I really hope that I can keep crushing it and adding more muscle! I really want bigger lats so I can finally bench 100lbs+. I also want to squat 200 pounds so badly! So my main goal right now is focusing on lifting heavier, while also making sure my health is in good shape by hitting my micros, continuing to get form checks on my lifts, getting my monthly massage and seeing the chiropractor!



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Fitbliss is a company FOR women. Our clients make a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. We empower them to love their bodies, find balance, and free themselves  from chronic dieting through our tried and tested approach. 





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