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Fitbliss Fitness Woman of the Week: Kimberly

Woman of the Week

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Woman of the Week
Kimberly North

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A little about her

I work for a durable medical equipment company in diabetic equipment sales. 

Outside of work I spend a good amount of time working out with my Ladies Lift group, and it is my favorite hobby. I love getting stronger and being motivated by the REALLY strong women I train with. It’s often my favorite part of my day. Outside of work and working out, I love being with friends and family. I live for that vitamin d in the summer and love natural bodies of water. Lake days in the summer fill my soul. I love making new memories in new places and try to plan trips at least a couple times a year. Work/life breaks always help keep the important things in perspective for me. Remembering to enjoy my life while I’m living it. 

I joined Team Fitbliss in July and fell in love with the program right away. Being part of Ladies Lift is really a special place. There’s so much support in this space. I’m so glad I’m a part of it. 


What brought her to Team Fitbliss

A trainer at my former gym shouted them out on instagram and I started following. I had done a lot of strength training on my own and always wanted to go after bigger numbers, but honestly felt scared. It can be scarier to lift heavier than you ever have! I had been doing circuit training for well over a year and loved my gym, but I wanted to start really going after these personal strength goals I had. I finally had the time and felt I could really commit. The first time I stepped into Big Mountain Barbell I felt like it was the place I needed to be and where I was finally going to get to those numbers I’d been dreaming of. I am only a few months into this program and I’m so close to hitting 200lbs on my squat. That number felt very far away for a very long time. It’s awesome what having the tools of a great program for strength and the support of a strong team can do.


Her favorite lift

Squats. The movement definitely feels the most natural for me. Whereas with bench, I really have to think of all the connected parts. All the lifts make me feel strong, but there’s something specifically about squats that really makes me feel powerful.




What she has accomplished since joining our team

I’ve had to get in a few workouts at Vasa, and the confidence I feel walking into the gym and over to the weights now has skyrocketed. I felt great about myself before, but really knowing what I’m doing and feeling stronger than ever has given me an extra boost of confidence for sure.


Her favorite macro-friendly food

Spaghetti is my favorite food. Forever. I will make it once a month and happily eat it for 5 days in a row, and be a little sad when my leftovers are gone. It’s so easy to make it macro friendly. Just use a lean ground beef, or ground turkey and sub spaghetti squash for those noods. If you can afford the extra carbs, there are lots of great macro “friendlier” options out there. Recently tried Barilla Chickpea Rotini, it’s a yes for me.



Someone who inspires her

My good friend Sherell recently quit her career as a barber to go all in on her goals of working in fitness. I admire her courage so much, and her pure determination. It’s so easy to get complacent and stay safe, especially with work. It inspires me to find that passion and go for it. 


A struggle along the way

I feel like I’m doing a lot of healing with my food relationship. Nutrition has been a struggle all my life. I had previously lost about 70lbs tracking in My Fitness Pal on my own. Then with a busy schedule and working two jobs, things slid off track. When I reached out to Team Fitbliss in July I had put back on almost 20 pounds. I wasn’t tracking my food and honestly felt a little bitter about starting again. Having a coach there to check in with weekly has been so helpful and important to me. I realize now I needed someone else to be accountable to because being accountable to myself wasn’t enough. Looking at micronutrients was not a priority when I first started tracking my food, just trying to stay in that deficit. Taking this new focus on macros/micros has been so beneficial for me. My mood is better, my energy is better, and my digestion. It’s not perfect or easy all the time, but it’s improved vastly since day 1 here. 


Biggest takeaway from working with Team Fitbliss

Macro/micro counting. This tool is something I will carry with me forever. It’s made me look at my eating differently. I’m feeling more balanced than ever with my nutrition.


Upcoming goals

I really want to hit 200lbs on my squat. It’s coming soon. Also, preparing to compete in my first powerlifting meet. 




I’m so grateful to be a part of this team. I appreciate so much the support from my personal coach, and all the knowledge and support I’ve been given by all the coaches. I love training because of the amazing women I get to train with, and I feel so grateful to have found this community.

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Fitbliss is a company FOR women. Our clients make a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. We empower them to love their bodies, find balance, and free themselves  from chronic dieting through our tried and tested approach. 





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