5 Tips For Feeling
More Comfortable
In Your Gym 



Fitbliss Fitness
Samantha Clements

“Staying in your comfort zone is a lot like staying in bed. It’s warm and comfortable there but nothing will happen unless you decide to get out of it”



Let’s face it – sometimes going to the gym can be a little intimidating! As you walk in you may feel like everyone knows what they’re doing and you’re the odd one out. But the truth is, everyone was at one time a beginner and the more you can let yourself get out of your comfort zone and go, the easier it will become!   

This week, try out some of our top tips for feeling more confident and comfortable in the gym!


Go with a plan in mind

Before heading to the gym, have a plan in mind for what you’re going to be doing. Following a well-written workout program can be extremely helpful with this and can alleviate a lot of anxiety. Spend some time carefully looking over the day’s workout and watch demo videos before going to the gym so you know what you’re going to be doing and what equipment to use! At Fitbliss, we have a free Youtube channel with coach guided demo videos that you can check out by clicking here!


Have a killer workout playlist prepared

Music can be a great way to get your mindset right for an awesome workout! Choose songs you like that are upbeat and make you feel confident and ready to crush it!


Let go of comparisons

Okay I know this one is easier said than done. But here’s the thing…everyone at the gym is working on different goals and everyone, let me repeat, EVERYONE was at one time a beginner! Your form matters 100x more than the weight you are using and learning how to do things properly is the key to progress and improvement.


Choose less busy gym hours

Peak hours at most gyms tend to be between 6-7am and 5-7pm. Especially if you’re new to lifting or are feeling really intimidated, try going outside of these if possible at first. If you’re really worried about it, Friday and Saturday nights tend to be ghost towns at commercial gyms ;).


Remember why you’re ultimately there

Remember, you’re at the gym to work on YOU and your goals! Forget about what anyone else might think and concentrate on bringing your best to the day’s workout!


Happy lifting babe!






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