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Knowledge is power. Power creates motivation. Motivation inspires action. Action enables success. Success, in meeting your fitness and nutrition goals, is “Fitbliss.

Alyson graduated with a Bachelors of Science from the University of Utah in 2007. Her fitness journey started after her pregnancies with her 2 beautiful sons. She gained 60 pounds during each pregnancy and when the weight didn’t fall off after giving birth, she resorted to untruths she had learned growing up. The only knowledge she had about losing weight was that feeling hungry was required in order to accomplish that goal. Although she was successful in her weight loss goals it was a terrible experience which left her feeling that she would be hungry for the rest of her life. She knew there had to be a better way to accomplish her goals! 

Alyson became a Fitbliss coach to teach, inspire and empower women to take action in accomplishing their fitness and nutrition goals. Her experience has shown her that with hard work, consistency and a little sweat, you can accomplish your goals while maintaining balance. 

To Alyson, Fitbliss means living an educated, healthy and uplifting life! It provides a support system of strong and empowering women. Our scientific approach to fitness and nutrition ensures healthy and sustainable results, no matter where you are in your transformation journey.

Alyson is experienced in both fitness and nutrition. She believes that by educating her clients regarding fitness and nutrition, they will gain their own desire and motivation to push themselves further than they ever imagined possible. Alyson is Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist and will soon be completing her NASM-CPT. 

Alyson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her supportive husband and their two sweet sons. In her spare time she enjoys snowmobiling, learning and spending time with her family.

Alyson is currently accepting general health, postpartum, and bikini competition prep clients. To get more information on her coaching, please email her at: aly@fitblissfitness.com


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