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We are releasing a book of 50 meal plans, but here’s the thing —we don’t really believe in meal plans.

Let us explain.


So often in this industry, when you see a meal plan, it’s a combination of egg whites, protein powder, chicken and broccoli. Meal plans like this exacerbate the idea that to be ‘healthy’ you have to force feed foods that you don’t even like to reach your goals.


Additionally, meal plans can cause anxiety and stress because life doesn’t always present itself in a way that you can follow a premade meal plan…maybe you forget your Tupperware in the fridge or you are invited to sushi for lunch or you simply don’t feel like eating that chicken breast you cooked three days ago.

The truth is, there is an solution in the middle between tasteless, miserable meal plans and overeating junk food leaving you to feeling hopeless and miles away from where you want to be.


By providing a wide range of meal ideas at various calorie intakes, our goal is to help you see that there is no secret mixture of foods that cause weight loss AND that you can actually enjoy the food you eat while seeing results!


So we put together 50 meal plans, but instead of expecting you to follow them to a T, we will also teach you how to integrate these meals plans into your everyday life, and possibly, how to transition to a more flexible macro counting plan in the future.


We hope this book can serve as a starting point for anyone who feels overwhelmed by tracking their food in an app or who is looking to add more flexibility to their nutrition approach.

As you see the creative ways we have broken up meals and snacks to add up to the right amount of calories, protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables, hopefully you will start to feel more empowered to make food choices that are outside of the diet culture box!


NOTE: This is a digital product. You will receive download after payment. No refunds or returns.