Woman of the Week
Anji Stringer

A little about her

I am a Talent Acquisition guru by day, and a kind of boring, leisure loving wife and dog mom by night. In my spare time I love to travel, ride bikes (both mountain and road), center myself with some yoga, do anything and nothing with my husband, and avoid yard work as much as possible. 


What brought her to Team Fitbliss

I have admired Team Fitbliss for some time but wasn’t sure that they worked with “regular” people (non-competitors) who find themselves much more comfortable cheering from the crowd than walking the stage. In January, I decided to get serious (new year, new me) and filled out an application. I was so grateful to hear back right away and was lucky enough to score Lynndsey as my coach. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years and literally have tried all the things. As the story goes, I’ve always gained the weight back and struggled with binge eating that left me depressed and stuck in this “all or nothing” loop. My initial call with Lynndsey changed everything!


Her favorite lift

Deadlifts – always! They make me feel like a total badass. Also, does anyone ever say man makers?! They’re the worst.



Someone who inspires her

This community is truly inspiring to me! Especially the women that post form feedback videos. I love that this is a safe place and that we’re here to cheer each other on and not criti-size (like what I did there?!).


What she has accomplished since joining our team

Finding BALANCE. Having done it all and been through it all in the “losing weight” game, I’ve known the struggle of watching the scale obsessively. I’ve also worked with other coaches (all men) who had me eating 1200-1400 calories, over-training (which lead to injuries) and just being generally miserable. I had this “aha” moment when I hit ten pounds lost last month where I thought “OMG, I’m down 10 pounds and it just kinda happened!  I wasn’t miserable, I went on vacation, I’ve been enjoying the process and I can really see this as my lifestyle! It was really profound. And I was just getting started!


Her favorite macro-friendly food

Aren’t they all macro-friendly with flexible dieting?! My favorite snack that I’ve literally been eating everyday for almost two years now, goes like this: 227g plain, 0% greek yogurt 10g sugar-free jello cheesecake pudding mix. Stir together until the mix is absorbed and slightly thickened. Top with teddy grahams and berries of your choice. BOOM, macro-friendly cheesecake!  



A struggle along the way

A few weeks into working with Lynnds, she had me meet her at BMB and do a form check. It was incredibly helpful but I had to drop weight in order to nail form and rebuild. It was humbling but I am so happy we went through that and now I feel much more solid. AND, I haven’t been injured since!


Biggest takeaway from working with Team Fitbliss

You can go on vacation and enjoy yourself without going totally off the rails. And with flexible dieting, you probably won’t even have the desire to, which is a bonus! You don’t make yourself so sick eating all the junk you’ve deprived yourself of when you’re at home because you’re never depriving yourself!


Upcoming goals

Drop another 10 pounds and hit my goal weight. Deadlift 225 pounds for reps. Maybe not hate man makers.



Fitbliss is a company FOR women. Our clients make a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. We empower them to love their bodies, find balance, and free themselves  from chronic dieting through our tried and tested approach.