Each week we like to spotlight one of the incredible female athletes that make up our team. Today we are highlighting Alison. Ali is a nanny and receptionist who is working with her primary coach Katie towards her goal of competing in an NPC bikini competition! Alison is an amazing athlete and we are so happy to have her on Team Fitbliss!



What Brought Her to Fitbliss

I had witnessed what a wonderful influence the team had on my coach (Katie), and I wanted that positive support in my life as well!



Her Hobbies & Interests

I like to hike, lift, travel, and the occasional Neftlix binge 😉



Favorite Lift

Deadlifts are my favorite!



Women Who Inspire Her

My coach Katie has been a huge inspiration to me even before I started with Team Fitbliss! Her transparency and encouragement have been a huge help in my personal fitness journey!



What She Has Accomplished Since Starting With Fitbliss

Something I have always struggled with for as long as I can remember is self love. I have almost always been able to pick out at least 3x as many things I don’t like about my body vs. things I do. Since working with Fitbliss, I have totally reconstructed how I think and feel about myself. In turn pretty much my whole outlook on life has changed! This didn’t happen in the first month or even the first year, but it’s something I continue to work on daily.



Favorite Macro-Friendly Food

Kodiak Cakes!



Biggest Takeaway From Working With Team Fitbliss

Fitbliss has taught me a lot of things, it’s hard to pick just one! Something that I’m reminded of all the time though is that it’s ok to have your cake and eat it too… as long as it fits in your macros. I think in the past, I had this image of foods where I would categorize them into “good” and “bad”. It was so relieving learning that there really is no bad food! It’s made a healthy lifestyle a reality for me rather than just a pleasant idea.


Upcoming Goals

In the next three months, I plan on getting back down to about 5 pounds above stage weight, and at that time maybe figuring out when the next prep will be!




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