Each week we like to spotlight one of the incredible female athletes that make up our team. Today we are highlighting Amanda! Amanda is a Registered Nurse and works in Las Vegas. She also teaches Critical Care classes to nursing students! Amanda is preparing for her first NPC competition next spring!




A Little About Her

I really enjoy spending time with my family- especially my sweet one-year-old daughter! Some of the things we like to do as a family are: boating, camping, hunting, and snowboarding.


What Brought Her to Fitbliss

I have always been active and enjoyed working out with my husband, but I felt like I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing the results that I was wanting. I was amazed with Sam’s posts about her fitness journey and wanted that for myself.


Favorite Lift

I have always enjoyed Bench Press the most, although, Overhead Presses are a close second!


Someone Who Inspires Her

My coach and friend Sam! From day 1, I have always admired her positivity, ability to balance school, work, and her family all while achieving amazing fitness goals. She is always so kind, optimistic, encouraging, and I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for her!


What She Has Accomplished Since Starting With Fitbliss

I feel like I have accomplished SO much since I first started. Some of the biggest accomplishments being: establishing daily routines, finding balance in nutrition, consistency, and developing a self love and confidence that I had always struggled with in the past


Favorite Macro-Friendly Food

Carbmaster Chocolate Milk, Oikos Triple Zero yogurt, and jerky


Biggest Takeaway From Working With Team Fitbliss

Balance. Since starting with Fitbliss, I have learned to find balance with nutrition, how to enjoy my favorite foods (such as Mac & Cheese and Coconut Pepsi) while still meeting macros, and finding balance with work, grad school, my family, and working out.


An Obstacle She Has Overcome

Patience and self-love. I tend to be hard on myself and focus on flaws and “problem areas”. In the past, this has led to a lot of discouragement and giving up. I have had to overcome being so negative and hard on myself, and have learned to trust and enjoy the process! Small results lead to big changes!


Upcoming Goals

In the next 3 months I’m working towards gaining more muscle and will begin preparing (physically and mentally) to compete in my first show! I would also like to break 200# on my deadlift and squat 🙂






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