Ann Williams

A little about her

I am currently a Senior Sales Consultant for Waxie Sanitary Supply.  I like to mountain bike, hike, and lift at the gym in my spare time.

What brought her to Team Fitbliss

I had just moved to Utah and was looking for a group of women to work out with that understood how to train women differently, a group that was positive/uplifting and that I could feel connected to.  I looked for about six months and stumbled across Team Fitbliss, and I love it! I have met the most amazing women that I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise. From the coaches, to my workout partners in the Power class-they all have enriched my life so much over the past 18 months.

Her favorite lift

My Favorite lift is the Deadlift. It is my strongest lift and one that I have worked really hard on to correct and maintain good form.  I think it’s very important for women to lift weights and strength train. There are significant physical and mental benefits to it. At 30, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (beginning stages of osteoporosis). Since I began lifting heavy, my bone density has increased significantly.  I am well above the normal range and am no longer considered at risk. As we age, our bodies change and I think that lifting weights has helped me significantly in keeping myself healthy and happy.  Lifting weights also helps with stress and helps you to overcome mental blocks so you can do hard things.

What she has accomplished since joining our team

The biggest thing I feel that I have accomplished since working with Fitbliss is competing in 2 Powerlifting competitions which I never imagined I could do.

Her favorite macro-friendly food

My favorite macro friendly food is the Premier Caramel protein shakes.  They are my go-to when I need extra protein and have a sweet tooth.

A struggle along the way

My relationship with food has been a struggle in my life.  I have learned and continue to learn that my relationship with food should be a positive one.

Biggest takeaway from working with Team Fitbliss

Working with Fitbliss has opened my eyes that I can do hard things. My body is amazing and I have the ability to work and change it.  

Upcoming goals

I am hoping to qualify for worlds (a powerlifting meet) in May in the 52kg weight class so that I can compete in November.  If I am able to do that, I plan to work towards a bikini competition




Fitbliss is a company FOR women. Our clients make a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. We empower them to love their bodies, find balance, and free themselves  from chronic dieting through our tried and tested approach.