Each week we like to spotlight one of the incredible female athletes that make up our team. Today we are highlighting Stacey! Stacey is a quality evaluator for UPS. She has been training in our Ladies Lift program in our Express class and has made tremendous progress with both her strength and fitness goals. Stacey shows up, works hard, and is a great asset to our team!


What Brought Her to Fitbliss

I really wanted to get in better and shape and build more muscle. I knew what I wanted, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve it.


Her Hobbies & Interests

I love shopping. Especially for shoes. You could say I have an addiction!


Favorite Lift

I am starting to become fond of deadlifts!


Someone Who Inspires Her

The coaches in this program really inspire me.


What She Has Accomplished Since Starting With Fitbliss

I am starting to feel stronger!


Favorite Macro-Friendly Food

Carne Asada


Biggest Takeaway From Working With Team Fitbliss

I have learned how to improve my form on my lifts.


Upcoming Goals

I would like to lift heavier weight while keeping my good form as well as continue to gain confidence.




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