Victoria Lancaster

A little about her

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and MAC Makeup Artist. I love to learn- read or go to seminars, try new workout classes, spend time with friends or family and my two Teacup Yorkies, going into nature for hikes or paddle boarding, and trying out new coffee shops or sightseeing in a new city.


What brought her to Team Fitbliss

I wanted a life change- physically, emotionally, and mentally!


Someone who inspires her

I would have to give a shout out to Jesus. I believe in having a relationship, not a religion and I inspire to be more Christ-Like. I’m not perfect, but I am a work in progress. Can I get an Amen!?


Her favorite lift

I love anything shoulders! I used to really dislike upper body workouts but now I am in love! Overhead press, lateral raises, bicep/tricep workouts are the best.


What she has accomplished since joining our team

A healthy body imagine. I used to think that when I accomplished x, y, z I would be happy. I’ve accomplished a new level of contentment that I don’t think I would have been able to find on my own. Fitbliss has encouraged me to reach so much deeper than just creating a toned and lean physique.


Her favorite macro-friendly food

Butternut squash and cinnamon! 


Biggest takeaway from working with Team Fitbliss

Total body health and wellness. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and weight training that is sustainable for the long term (no crash diets or fad workouts). Having a healthy perspective and balance is the most important aspect of this program.


Upcoming goals

I want to continue to develop healthy habits emotionally and physically as I prep for this competition season. I am practicing more mindfulness around my nutrition and also focusing on my long-term health. I am hoping to place well this season at my npc bikini competition, but my most important goal is to step on stage as a healthier and stronger version of myself.




Thank you for nominating me as the Woman of the Week! I absolutely love working with Fitbliss and I am so incredibly grateful for each of the coaches I have worked with. I’ve learned so much over this past year. I look forward to this next competition season and the experiences I will have with the Fitbliss Team.


Fitbliss is a company FOR women. Our clients make a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. We empower them to love their bodies, find balance, and free themselves  from chronic dieting through our tried and tested approach.