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Our mission is to empower women through a comprehensive coaching experience that will transform them from the inside out. We consider body, mind and soul in all aspects of our program. Using thoughtful coaching and the support of a community of like minded individuals, Fitbliss provides a safe space for personal growth and helpful tools for women to reach their true potential.


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“I have learned that I do NOT need
to be in a hurry to make changes.
I need to be consistent. I can make
healthy changes in my life step by
step. I have a long time to live so I
can take my time, BE CONSISTENT
and reap the benefits.”
“I realized I can live my life and not have fear of food, all while still reaching my goals. Whereas before, I ate hardly anything, worked out for hours a day and destroyed my hormones. Having nearly disordered eating habits due to strict bodybuilding rules of only chicken and broccoli…Fitbliss has saved my life.”
“The fact that I am not on a diet for the first time in my life is so freeing. I love the feeling of control so the macro tracking/flex eating gives me the opportunity to eat what I want but also the power of decision making without the guilt.”
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