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Do you feel like it’s time to make a positive change in your life? Ready to be a part of an empowering group of badass women?


Our Ladies Lift Program was designed with YOU in mind.


In-person small group coaching 5 days per week w/ a flexible class schedule.

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Weekly Nutrition Coaching + Training Check-Ins with your Primary Coach

Receive weekly nutrition and training coaching from your Fitbliss coach.


Fitbliss Community

Our community is made up of some of the most empowering women you could ever meet! Be a part of this amazing group!


Detailed Form Critiques + Coaching

Our certified and trained coaches guide our small group classes helping  you to optimize  proper form and avoid injury!

OUR CLASSES + Schedule


This class will be the perfect place to learn to use barbell and free weights or to fine tune your skills. Don’t worry, you will still get a great workout, but the focus will be nailing down solid form over increasing weight. We will help you decide when the time is right to transition to one of our other programs!

*NOTE: New members may be required to spend 1+ week in these classes and will be able to bump up once approved by Ladies Lift coaches. 



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Program Goals:
To educate the lifter on everything from gym etiquette to breathing and bracing to perfect squat form. Coaches are detail oriented and ensure you feel very confident in the gym!

Ideal Participants:

  • Women who are new to lifting + Fitbliss Fitness
  • Women who need to improve their technique
  • Women who want to ease into the program
  • Women who have taken time off from training
  • Women who have recently given birth

60 minutes


This program plays off of our signature hybrid programs which implement progressive strength, hypertrophy work, general athletic training and HIIT cardio. This class is designed to increase overall fitness, strength, conditioning, and body shaping! Maximum calories are burned in class for fat loss optimization!



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Ideal Participants:

  • Novice, Intermediate + Advanced Lifters
  • Athletes prioritizing fat loss
  • Athletes who like HIIT style training/sweaty workouts
  • Women who are in prep for NPC Bikini Competitions as their current primary goal

75 minutes

*NOTE: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm-up


This class is modeled after Fitbliss’ application of the Conjugate System. Our weekly schedule includes: Max Effort Upper Body (Bench, OH Press variation), Max Effort Lower Body (Squats/Deadlifts), Dynamic (Speed) Upper Body, Dynamic (Speed) Lower Body. In addition to these main lifts we will also do accessory work intended to strengthen weak points, overall fitness, and for hypertrophy. 


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Program Goals:To maximize strength, lean body mass gains, and body shaping. (*Please note, you can still optimize fat loss with this program if you are following a calorie deficit and possibly adding cardio as per your primary coaches’ recommendations).

Ideal Participants:

  • Intermediate + Advanced Lifters
  • Powerlifters + Aspiring Powerlifters
  • NPC Competitors in Building Season

90 minutes

*NOTE: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm-up

our approach

Uniquely written by women, for women, our program emphasizes strength through proper form and body sculpting with thoughtful exercise programming. This is NOT just another generic program that your husband follows or that you learned in your college weight lifting class. 

This program combines the best research available on female nutrition and training with our decade of experience, helping women to find success! It will tighten your waistline, lift your glutes, and add a nice shoulder cap through strategic lean body mass gains. Ladies Lift will improve your metabolism, lower your body fat, and set you up for long term success!


have a question about what program is right for you? want to get in touch or schedule a free consult? please fill out the form below and our athlete advisor will get back to you within 24-36 hrs.

classes are coached at:

big mountain barbell
741 Smelter street
Midvale, UT