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Lynndsey Eldridge is one of our Fitbliss Fitness Co-Founders who started this company in 2012 under the basic premises that health and fitness should feel good and that the principles used to achieve those goals should be science-based. 

The catalyst for starting this company occurred in 2011 when Lynndsey hired a “trainer” who put her on an extreme diet plan. She was instructed to do things like fasted cardio, to cut dietary fat almost completely out of her diet and to eat plain greek yogurt for dessert.

It wasn’t long before she started to feel worse. She had poor energy, dull skin and she wasn’t sleeping well. It became harder to stick to the restrictive plan and her body felt run down.

With her Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree with emphasis in English, Political Science, and Interpersonal Communication plus a minor in Legal Studies from Weber State University, it came naturally for Lyndsey to research the methods her coach had given her.

She was not all that surprised to find that peer-reviewed studies in the health, fitness and psychology realms did not support her coach’s protocols. She was surprised, however, to realize that almost everything women learn about health and fitness from magazines, talk shows and media– was wrong!

Carbs weren’t bad?

Weight didn’t = fat?

Weight training was good for women?

She realized that from a scientific standpoint, health not only could, but SHOULD feel good. Like fit…..bliss!

She started utilizing the research instead of falling for “bro science” and her results in the gym improved rapidly. She became deeply passionate about understanding the complexities of creating sustainable and effective health and fitness results. Soon friends and family started to take notice and began asking for advice. 

In 2012 she earned her Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and started her career as a personal trainer and fitness coach. In the same year, Lyndsey founded Fitbliss Fitness, an in-person and online training company geared toward empowering women through exercise

From the beginning, Fitbliss programs focused on mental, physical and emotional balance. We believe that optimal health starts from the inside and works it’s way out. So much has changed since the early days, but Lynndsey has always stayed committed to the original Fitbliss philosophy while still evolving with science as new information is discovered.

Outside of being one of our Co-Founders and Master Coaches, Lynndsey  owns a gym in SLC, Utah named Big Mountain Barbell with her husband Zac with whom she also shares a daughter named Lucy and two dogs named Hank and Charlie. 

Lynndsey competes competitively in bodybuilding and powerlifting, loves to travel, read and is curious, optimistic and analytical in nature.

She works with clients locally in Utah and all around the world to help them find their “Fitbliss” by acting as their coach and mentor in finding a more manageable and balanced fitness lifestyle.

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