Recipe by: Coach Lynndsey

Do you meal prep? 

Picture this: It’s Tuesday afternoon. You had every intention of eating a balanced lunch everyday this week, but this morning you realized you had forgotten to go grocery shopping, your midmorning meeting ran late, and now it’s 1pm and your only option is something from the Maverick across the street. Let’s face it- we’ve all been there! Preparing meals ahead of time can be an easy way to make sure you are staying on track all week long! Check out what Coach Lynndsey has to say about her great pizza salad recipe that makes an easy addition to your weekly meal prep!



“I’ve been enjoying salads for lunch as the weather warms up. They are great because they keep me full, don’t use up too many calories, and they are full of vitamins and fiber.


The key for me is creating an ingredient list that I love and will look forward to for 4-5 days. Lately, I’ve been alternating between sweet and savory variations.”

  • mixed greens/arugula
  • tomato basil deli chicken
  • mushrooms sautéed in Italian seasoning
  • red peppers sautéed in Italian seasoning
  • shredded carrots
  • black olives
  • turkey pepperonin
  • mozzarella cheese
  • Boathouse Farms blue cheese dressing

Carbs: 13g     /     Fat: 14g     /     Protein: 38g      /    Calories: 330


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