Meet our incredible LCSW, Ainsley! Ainsley helps clients to address and overcome anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia issues, body image issues, as well as disordered eating. Not only does she work with clients through weekly therapy session (skype or in person), as a Fitbliss coach, she also provides them with workouts and guidance on macro tracking for a truly unique and balanced approach to health and fitness goals. 



When Her Fitness Journey Began

My fitness journey really began in 2012 when I was in graduate school and needed an outlet. Before then, I had tried different things like crossfit, running, and many methods of cardio. Like most women, I initially began working out in order to lose weight. I had fallen into the common trap of comparing myself to others constantly.

When I started graduate school, I had to figure out how to best manage my time and alleviate the stress I felt in my body after spending too long sitting while doing schoolwork. I started working out with Lynndsey and another mutual friend of ours. During this time, I learned how to lift and realized that it was something I could actually enjoy!




Why She Began Coaching

I am a licensed therapist and have been working with clients for over four years now. In my practice, I often discuss the benefits of nutrition and exercise with my clients because I see how much physical health improves mental health. I’ve spent many years encouraging others, and finally decided to have a more active role in helping with their journeys.



Her Favorite Part of Working With Clients

I love seeing people make progress and have the ability to work through hard situations and overcome barriers they never thought they would. I love being someone who my clients can both trust and confide in.



An Obstacle Along the Way

Truly the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is my own doubts about myself. Growing up, I didn’t play sports or try to improve my athletic ability. In fact, I spent my teen and early adult years AVOIDING any kind of physical activity. It’s only been in the last 10 years that I have learned to appreciate my body and what it is capable of. I’ve learned that it’s important to workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.



What Fitbliss Means to Her

When I tell people about Fitbliss, I describe it as a community of women teaching, supporting, and empowering one another. Our team is made up of women of all different levels (beginners all the way up to pro and world record holding athletes), yet no matter where a client is along their journey, Fitbliss teaches them how to set goals, and provides education and support throughout the whole process. Fitbliss works to fight against mental health stigma and encourages women to discuss and work through their experiences with negative body image. I love being part of a team where the whole person is recognized and empowered.



Favorite Lift

The SQUAT! It makes me feel strong and I’m confident with my form.



Future Goals

In the gym, my current goal is to increase my upper body strength. I want to improve my bench form as well.


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