Meet our amazing coach, Hillary! Hillary is an incredible strength coach who is patient, adaptable, and always learning more. Her clients love working with her because of the time and special care she takes to make sure that they understand what they are doing and why they are doing it!



When Her Fitness Journey Began

I first got into fitness back in 2011 by way of P90X videos in my living room. I  became obsessed with getting strong enough to do a pull up because I was doing a lot of indoor rock climbing at the time.  After that, I started powerlifting with my husband. First with dumbbells and eventually with a barbell. At that time, we taught ourselves from YouTube videos. I loved feeling strong so much that I decided to make it my life.

Not until I moved to Utah in 2016 and found Big Mountain Barbell did I start to lift seriously and consider myself an athlete. I began following a program and doing research on how to correct muscular imbalances or rehab little injuries. I started recording myself doing the lifts and even became confident enough to post those videos on social media. I fell in love with the empowered feeling of being strong and wanted other women to experience that journey too.


An Obstacle Along the Way

I  have dealt with Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction my whole life from an old injury in my tailbone.  Developing an awareness of that has opened the door to prehab and corrective exercises. In a way, injuring myself has made me a better coach and athlete.


What Fitbliss Means to Her

Fitbliss isn’t just about fitness to me.  Being fit allows me to live my life fully every day.  It leads me down a path motivated by a healthy body and mind. Being “fit” makes me want to eat better, be more active and take the best possible care of my body.


Favorite Lift

The squat in any variation.  The squat is such a great test of strength, technique, athleticism and dedication.  You can squat for decades and still be perfecting your form.


Future Goals

Right now I am working to improve my strength and technique in Powerlifting, but I am also trying to bring more cross-training into my life by way of hiking and throwing for the Highland Games.  I am always trying to find that balance of not training too hard and giving my body the appropriate amount of rest time. This is hard when you are always trying to push yourself harder.



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