Meet our remarkable coach, Sarah Jo! Sarah is a former gymnast turned power lifter and NPC Figure Competitor. Sarah is passionate about health and fitness. She loves to help women to learn their true strength and reach their goals. We love having Sarah Jo on our team!



When Her Fitness Journey Began

My fitness journey began in 2013 when I officially decided that I needed to make some healthy changes for the better. I wanted to put an end to the negative relationship I had with with my mindset. Before that, I had struggled with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and had a horrible relationship with food for years. I wanted to be healthy and proud of the body that I had. Thus began my interest in weight-training. I was no longer an athlete or involved with sports (I grew up as a competitive gymnast for 8 ½ years and competed in cheer during high school), so I knew that this was the closest thing I had to being active. I started working out at home with a couple dumbbells, resistance bands, and shoe weights (yes, these are a thing!). I was too embarrassed to step foot in the gym because, well, I had NO idea what I was doing and I convinced myself that I would be laughed at. It wasn’t until a year later that I decided to try the gym at my college and began to actually partake in weight-lifting. I started researching to learn technique, proper form, and how I could piece together my own programming.


Fast-forward to a year later, I decided that I was at a point where I needed a goal to reach. Having something to work toward seemed important because I was starting to get bored and unmotivated. It was suggested to me that I should compete in a bodybuilding show, which immediately interested me!


That’s when I found Fitbliss. Right after my consultation, I was hooked. I was SO motivated to be part of a community and to have a tangible goal to work towards. What I believe attracted me to Fitbliss the most was that they provided a balance of both science in their fitness programming and nutrition while also focusing on emotional and mental health. Fitbliss is truly when my journey became a lifestyle. After much direction and and guidance over the period of 6 months, I competed in my first NPC Figure show and placed 3rd in Novice and Open.


Working as a client for Fitbliss and adopting the Fitbliss philosophy changed my entire view of overall health. It wasn’t a cult program that only existed inside a gym, but rather it was something that translated to all areas of my life. Fitbliss changed my view completely on flexible dieting and tracking as well as the way I was training. I gained more knowledge and understanding of all aspects of fitness. When I was asked to be a coach, there was only one reasonable answer: YES.




Why She Began Coaching

I decided to become a coach because I wanted to help encourage others to begin their own fitness/wellness journey and to be a motivating and positive influence in their life.

I want to help promote a healthy outlook on not only fitness, but also mental and emotional health while simultaneously crushing the stigma surrounding women in fitness. 



Her Favorite Part of Working With Clients

My favorite part about working with clients is that I get to watch so many women gain confidence and strength while reaching their goals. I get to see their excitement and perseverance and that, in turn, gives me motivation myself. It’s so inspirational to see women build themselves from the ground up and push themselves every day to get better physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Favorite Lift

My favorite lift in this sport is the squat because of how technical it is, as well as how many muscle groups are used to make it successful.



Future Goals

Aside from coaching, I am working on various personal goals. My main goal right now is to become an elite power lifter. My journey for this has just started, but it’s quite exciting to find something that gives me so much drive and motivation. I’ve been a competitive athlete all my life and I feel like this sport has given that light back to me!


However, this goal might change over some time and that’s okay! The deeper I’ve gotten into this journey I’ve learned that overtime my interest my change but there’s always something to work towards. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for me-one training day at a time!


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