Meet our newest coach, Taylor Vigil! Taylor is an incredible athlete and asset to our team. She currently holds 20 national records, 19 state records, and 7 world records in powerlifting and she’s just getting started! Taylor coaches our Ladies Lift classes at Big Mountain Barbell in Midvale, Utah. Read below to learn more about her!


When Her Fitness Journey Began

My fitness journey began when I was just 16 years old at a small commercial gym. Both my mom and dad would lift weights and I watched from afar hoping to someday be strong like them.  At that time, I looked to Dana Linn Bailey for inspiration and wanted to become a bodybuilder. However, soon after I encountered a powerlifter who convinced me that I was “pretty strong for my age”. I took his word for it, shifted my focus from bodybuilding to powerlifting, and fell in love with the sport!


Why She Became A Coach

Observing the happiness that came from the other Team Fitbliss coaches when their clients hit a new PR (personal record) is what really motivated me to become a coach.

My favorite part of working with clients is getting to know them on a personal level. Hearing stories about their day and relating to them is when coaching no longer becomes a “job”, it turns into spending time with friends while we all better ourselves together!


An Obstacle Along the Way

Receiving hip surgery was a huge hurdle I had to overcome. The need for surgery came unexpectedly and it was frustrating to have my goals interrupted. But, the surgery made a huge impact on my life and I will always remember during hard times the way my surgery motivated me to keep going, even when it’s really rough.


What Fitbliss Means to Her

To me, “Fitbliss” means finding bliss throughout the process. Creating goals and sticking to them can seem impossible. We all get busy  and think that working out and our nutrition can’t be a priority, but when you realize that being healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, but instead is a choice you make, you will find bliss in all of your goals and it will be very rewarding!


Favorite Lift

The Barbell Squat is my favorite lift! To me, it is fun to perform as well as watch!


Future Goals

My biggest goal at the moment is becoming as strong as I can be while staying healthy and happy! I will also be competing this year at the Olympia in September!


Someone Who Inspires Her

Muhammad Ali is my biggest inspiration when it comes to fitness. He was an extremely hard-worker and never let an “excuse” get in his way. Pushing your body to the absolute limit of fatigue takes a lot of mental strength, and I strive to become mentally stronger throughout all of my lifts. Mind Over Matter.



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