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“Fitbliss is all about empowering women to find a love and passion for not only health and fitness, but also for their own well-being.”

Megan believes that some people mistake their belief of themselves as their true capacity. She thinks that when a woman doesn’t believe in herself,  having someone else believe in them and show them that they are capable of more than they know,  can completely change the trajectory of their life!

Meg is strong, educated and experienced coach and while she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as a coach, it is her undeniable passion, patience and empathy that make her a truly one of a kind coach.

In fact, we require each Fitbliss Coach to take the Meyer’s Briggs Personality test to help us determine how to place prospective clients with the right coach. It was no surprise that Coach Meg was an “INFJ” which is the same personality type of other great empaths like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.. Less than 1% of people fall into this category and we are grateful to have Megan’s voice and perspective within our organization. 

Megan’s compassionate coaching and fierce strength combined with the Fitbliss body, mind and soul coaching philosophy, create an amazing foundation for a transformation that not only changes the physical body of her clients, but also helps them to achieve self love, confidence and a passion for training that they never knew they could have!  

Megan is a NASM and CrossFit Level 1 certified coach who specializes in building self love/confidence, Fatloss, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerliting, NPC Contest Prep, CrossFit and General Strength and Endurance training.  

She coaches our Ladies Lift barbell classes, offers one on one Olympic Weightlifting sessions and is a Fitbliss Online and Contest Prep Coach.

Meg lives in Salt Lake City and in addition to Coaching she is a Nanny for an adorable family, loves dogs and outside of coaching, competing in Olympic Weightlifting and at the National Level as an NPC Competitor, she loves snowboarding, surfing, volleyball, hiking and scuba diving.

Email: megan@fitblissfitness.com

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