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We’ve trained hundreds of clients online with great success. We incorporate all the components of our one on one training programs with the exception of being able to see you in person. Online training includes weekly macro prescription, weekly check-ins and feedback, detailed workouts, cardio program and access to our Team Fitbliss Facebook group. We review bi-weekly or monthly progress pics as needed per your program and make adjustments to your overall plan to keep you on track with your goals.

our promise

 We believe health should always come first. Because of this, we are very open with people in telling them we will take them down the safest, healthiest road possible to reach their goal (which almost never is the fastest road), but one we believe offers sustainability, empowerment, balance and hopefully, good vibes a long the way with focus on self-love and positive self-talk. 

During the process we focus a lot of attention on all aspects of your life, including: performance, energy levels, measurements, how you are feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally, how your clothes are fitting, progress photos, and weight loss.  If you are eating the right amount and getting stronger and faster you will be making aesthetic changes. Overall, the number one determinant of those who are successful and those who are not, is consistency!


Fitbliss Fitness is diverse in what we can create and offer. Whatever type of plan you’re looking for, we can help you reach your goals. Choose one of the packages below and fill out the coaching application to get a free consult scheduled with one of our coaches!

Phase 1


This is a 12-week block of online heath and fitness coaching. Our coaching emphasizes balance and health of the body, mind, and soul. Whether your goal is fat/weight loss, muscle building, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, general health and nutrition, or competition prep, we’ve got you covered!

We provide weekly macro prescription, weekly check-ins and feedback, an exercise routine (every 4 weeks based on current goals) delivered via our Fitbliss Fitness app with explanations and videos of each movement and 6 meal plans – based on your likes, dislikes, and lifestyle.

We offer emotional support and encouragement as you change the way you view and use your body.

​From the very beginning there will be an emphasis on education. The expected outcome of this program is that you will learn how to make a lasting lifestyle change that you can implement on your own. 


    monthly investment


    phase 2


    This is a monthly continuation of our online health and fitness coaching. This program is ideal for anyone who is very confident in tracking macros and lifting in the gym and who has completed Phase 1 of FBF Online Coaching. Programs will vary depending on individual goals, but you aim for it and we will help you achieve it! Programs include: General fat loss & body recomposition, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, off season competition prep coaching*, general health and wellness.

    *Off-Season Competition Prep Coaching: We generally recommend 16-24 weeks for contest prep (sometimes longer for women with little lean muscle mass and/or 30+ pounds to lose). Price will increase to “competition season” pricing when you are 16 weeks out from your show date.


    monthly investment


    ladies lift online


    Ladies Lift Online is an ongoing 4-5 day/week training plan modeled after our in-gym Ladies Lift Classes.

    This program combines the best research available on female training with our decade of experience helping women find success. It will tighten your waistline, lift your glutes, and add a nice shoulder cap through strategic lean body mass gains. Ladies Lift will improve your metabolism, lower your body fat, and set you up for long term success.

    We have three unique options to choose from to meet your needs: Our 75 minute Fitbliss StrongFit Program, our 60 minute Fitbliss Express Program, or our 45 minute Fitbliss Home Workout! 

    All programs are delivered via our Fitbliss App and include detailed coaching videos and explanations as well as a database to track your progress! 


    monthly investment


    not sure what program is right for you? let us help!

    We offer two different full service programs, Phase 1 + Phase 2. Both programs will help you achieve the same results depending on your goal. The only difference is that with Phase 1 you’ll receive monthly phone or Skype calls with your Primary Coach and meal plan examples. The Fitbliss Barbell Club is a monthly subscription for workout programming ONLY delivered via our Fitbliss app. You have the option to also add on nutrition coaching to your Barbell Club membership.
    There IS a learning curve to counting macros, this is why we typically recommend Phase 1 to clients new to Fitbliss or clients who have never counted macros before.  Then if later on you decide you you’ve got a solid understanding, you are more than welcome to transition over to Phase 2 whenever you feel comfortable or whenever your coach believes you are ready. Either the Phase 1 or Phase 2 program can be utilized as a reverse diet plan as well if you are looking to work on metabolic health. We also will customize the workout program for your needs – whether it be at home, in the gym, or with limited equipment. If you are looking for competition prep programs (online or in-person), please visit our Competition Prep page.

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