We all know how hard it is to stay on track during the winter holiday season with all of the parties, family dinners, and yummy treats, but what about the summer season!?

Summer can be just as hard (if not harder) with BBQs, vacations, being out of school (or having kids that are), refreshing summer treats/drinks, and so much more! There can also be a lot of stress to always look your best since you are most likely rockin shorts, tanks, swimsuits, or your fav sundress… but want to be able to indulge and enjoy yourself at the same time. 

In order to relieve some stress, here are some tips to stay on track while having fun in the summer sun!



Plan ahead!

Planning ahead can reduce so much of the stress that can accompany eating. If you’re going out with friends, ask what you’ll be eating! You could also consider having a lighter breakfast/lunch/dinner to make room for more food when you’re going to be out.


Keep macro friendly snacks on hand

Keep simple, high protein snacks ready for when you need them. Some of my favorites are protein bars and beef jerky!


Bring your fave macro friendly dishes to share

One of the best ways to make a party or event a litlle more macro friendly is to bring a dish for everyone! This way you know you’ll have an option and can introduce your friends to a new snack ;).



Don’t stress the little things

The more you stress about being overly perfect, the harder it’s going to be to stay on track. Do your best each day, but realize that one popsicle is not going to kill you!


Stay active!

Focus each day on being as active as possible. Summer is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy a hike, a game of beach volleyball, or even an outdoor workout.


Katie Baretela

Katie Baretela

Team Fitbliss Coach

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