fitbliss therapy program

ainsley wall

clinical social worker/therapist,
lcsw, MSW

program overview

What is the Fitbliss Therapy program?

Fitbliss Fitness has partnered with Insightful Counseling Services, LLC to provide all inclusive mental health programs. The Fitbliss Therapy Program will include the foundation of either FBF Phase 1 or FBF Phase 2. In addition, an hour therapy session will be provided via Tele-LINK platform each week. The therapy sessions will be individualized for each person and may include weekly homework including; journaling, meditation/mindfulness, and utilizing newly learned coping skills.

Program goals
  1. To improve mental health of clients using a client centered therapy approach

    1. Identify symptoms related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorder, body dysmorphia, personality disorders, etc.

    2. Identify barriers for client to overcome (fitness related, relationships, body image, work, symptoms, etc.)

    3. Create a treatment plan with specific goals and objectives for client

    4. Teach coping skills

    5. Process events that seem to exacerbate symptoms using appropriate EBP (Evidence Based Practice)

  2.  To improve overall physical health and well being

    1. Learning how to track macros or be provided with meal plan

    2. Learning proper fitness basics including; proper warm up, mobility, form and injury prevention

    3. Receive new workouts every 4-6 weeks

    4. Receive weekly feedback on macros, form and overall compliance

ainsley specializes in working with clients who struggle with:




Substance Abuse


Suicidal Ideation

Eating Disorders

Self Esteem

Weight Loss

Life Transitions

Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum

Relationship Issues




This is a 12-week block of online heath and fitness coaching. Our coaching emphasizes balance and health of the body, mind, and soul. Whether your goal is fat/weight loss, muscle building, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, general health and nutrition, or competition prep, we’ve got you covered!

We provide weekly macro prescription, weekly check-ins and feedback, an exercise routine (every 4-8 weeks based on current goals) and 6 meal plans – based on your likes, dislikes, and schedule.

We offer emotional support and encouragement as you change the way you view and use your body. This program includes weekly online therapy sessions with Ainsley. 

​* From the very beginning there will be an emphasis on education. The expected outcome of this program is that you will learn how to make a lasting lifestyle change that you can implement on your own. All programs require a 3-month minimum on auto-withdrawal.

monthly investment



This is a monthly continuation of our online health and fitness coaching. This program is ideal for anyone who is very confident in tracking macros and lifting in the gym and who has completed Phase 1 of FBF Online Coaching. Programs will vary depending on individual goals, but you aim for it and we will help you achieve it! Programs include: General fat loss & body recomposition, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, off season competition prep coaching*, general health and wellness.

*Off-Season Competition Prep Coaching: We generally recommend 16-24 weeks for contest prep (sometimes longer for women with little lean muscle mass and/or 30+ pounds to lose). Price will increase to “competition season” pricing when you are 16 weeks out from your show date.

monthly investment


A la Carte therapy sessions 

Ainsley offers A La Carte Therapy Sessions for current Fitbliss Clients at a discounted rate of $60/hour. Please email her for more information or a free consult! 

investment per session


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