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Our coaches are some of the most supportive in the industry. Our check-ins are always answered within 36 hours of submission and you'll be able to be in contact with your coach any time you need them!

what support will i receive?

While we specialize in female barbell training, we offer a variety of workout methods. Depending on your goals, we will help you to decide what will get you there the fastest!

what type of workouts will i do?

Yes! We LOVE helping beginners. Whether you're intimidated by learning new movements at the gym or overwhelmed by learning the nutrition side of things, we can help!

do you help beginners?

We try to limit cardio to the minimally effective dose. What does that mean? We start out with cardio in small doses and add it in as we need to, based on your goals!

how much cardio will I do?

At Fitbliss, we follow a flexible approach to dieting. We utilize macro counting but instead of giving you set carbs, fats, and protein, we give you guidelines and suggestions on each! Don't worry if you aren't sure how to track macros -- we'll help get you there!

what type of diet will i follow?

what program is right for me?

We offer a variety of programs for many different goals! If you have a question about which program is the right one for you, please fill out the contact form below and our athlete advisor can point you in the right direction! 

when do i get my program?

If you've purchased a pre-made program or signed up for the Fitbliss Barbell Club, you'll receive your program within 24 hours. If you've signed up for personalized programming, your primary coach will let you know when to expect your program! 

how do i get started?

Ready to sign-up for a program? Click HERE to fill out our coaching application! From there, one of our amazing coaches will reach out to schedule your free consultation! 






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