strong pregnancy program

Pregnancy workouts app

Strong moms are the best moms. Stay fit all while keeping yourself and your baby safe. Our pregnancy workouts app provides the tools and exercises to feel empowered in the gym and understand just what your body is capable of.

Benefits of pregnancy strength training (and this is just the start):
*Increase your energy levels
*Improve your sleep
*Notice a boost in your mood
*Become stronger & more prepared for childbirth
*Lower your risk for gestational diabetes & preeclampsia. 
*Experience more confidence

Your pregnancy is one of the most important phases in life to stay physically fit. Whether you’re brand new to lifting weights, or struggling to find the proper way to continue your strength training while pregnant, we’re here to guide you.

Access to our form feedback and training questions group

Video demonstrations of each exercise

4 training days per week including all exercises, sets, reps and rest periods listed in detail

9 phases of 4-week programming


Pregnancy workouts app & coaching

$200 total or $39 per month

Nutrition guidelines

Support from our community, the Fitbliss Mama Group 

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Personalized nutrition coaching for your all-around health during your pre and post partum phases of pregnancy. Feel better and stronger with one-on-one support.

Nutrition coaching

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