Here, you don’t have to choose between being fit OR feeling good.

fit·bliss / noun /
the condition of being physically fit and healthy combined with peace and happiness; great joy.

Although we believe that fitness takes drive, we want you to enjoy the experience without sacrificing your mental health or giving up focus on personal aspects of your life (like spending time with your family, working a full-time career, or pursuing other passions that are important to you.

Instead, we’ll use an empowering, uplifting approach to challenge you, encourage you, and make a difference. With sustainable fitness plans, we’ll coach you to hit your fitness goals with enough energy and time to focus on other goals too.

fitness that feels good

inside + out

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At Fitbliss, our team of 13 coaches works collaboratively alongside a registered dietician, a licensed therapist, a bloodwork specialist, and a posing coach to bring you the best experience possible. In our view, 17 smart, passionate, experienced, professional fitness and mindset experts are better than one.

Eleven of our coaches have bachelor’s degrees, four have master’s degrees, and two have a doctorates. All are certified coaches and fitness nutrition specialists through the National Academy of Sports Medicine or the International Sports Science Association. In addition to their credentials, our coaching staff has accolades such as IFBB Bikini Pro statuses and World Record Holding Powerlifters. Every coach is equally qualified to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds (from beginners to advanced athletes) and in a wide range of disciplines.

The team behind our women’s training programs

A focus on self-love and positive affirmations

Balanced nutrition plans tailored to your body and preferences

A long-term, healthy approach to reaching goals

What You Won't Find With Us

What You'll Find Here

Can we be frank?

What you'll find & what you won't

with our women's training programs


Becoming the healthiest, strongest version of you

Education & research to answer every question

Comparison or judgement

Extreme diets that leave you delirious

A quick fix for unsustainable results

Dropping 10 lbs quickly or bulking up faster than recommended

Requests to just do what we ask without question