At Fitbliss, we believe in doing things right. 

In the context of contest prep, this means we believe in setting you up for success for the duration of your contest prep, show day AND in your post-show recovery period. While it’s important to us that you have a positive experience at your contest(s) and place well, it’s just as important to us that we keep your mental health and physical health at the forefront of our approach.

In order to accomplish this, we require our prep athletes to go through a minimum of an 8-12 week* foundational period where you will work closely with your coach to increase your caloric intake, add muscle to your frame where needed, and establish the habits that will be necessary to complete a successful prep.  

Taking this time allows us to ensure that you are hormonally and metabolically ready to withstand the rigors of a bodybuilding contest prep and that you have the muscle base needed to perform well on stage.

We are well aware of the emotional and mental challenges that may arise from fixating on your physical body for prolonged periods of time. Adding social media, diet culture and a panel of judges there to literally judge your body can only exasperate this.

This is why at Fitbliss, we care about more than just your physical transformation.

During the foundational period and beyond we will work with you to build up your confidence, self esteem and self worth outside of your physical body to help you maintain a positive relationship with your body and self. 

In this industry it’s all-to-common for coaches to utilize dangerous and unhealthy protocols that may get you there “faster,” but with major negative side effects for YOU such as hormonal issues, thyroid issues, eating disorders, binge eating struggles, metabolic adaptation, extreme post show weight gain, muscle loss, anxiety and depression.

While it can be tempting to go the quick-fix route, we are invested in using the science based information available to us in conjunction with our decade plus of experience, to mitigate these side effects as much as possible while also bringing a competitive and polished physique to the stage.

We aren’t going to sugar coat it for you. 

Preparing for a bodybuilding contest is an extreme athletic endeavor that will require you to be dedicated, diligent and passionate through both building and cutting phases. While we will do our best to make the process as healthy as possible for you and vow to be considerate of your health and big picture goals, there will be components, especially the last 12-16 weeks that will challenge you in a way you’ve never been challenged before.

By joining our team, you have our word that we will always collaborate with you and our team of contest prep coaches to design a successful contest prep specifically for you and your body! You will also become a member of our tribe of badass women who will encourage your, inspire you and motivate you to level up to your fullest potential. 

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competition prep

team fitbliss

Online IIFYM-based competition prep for competitors competing at shows that our team will not be traveling to. 

We will help you decide on your entire "look" including suggestions for suit selection, hair, makeup, and tan.

Monthly investment: $200

online competitors

Online or in-person macro based competition prep for clients that will be competing in shows that our team will be traveling to. 

Hair, makeup, and day of show support is included in the cost of this program!

Monthly investment: $240

local competitors

national competitors

apply here ⟶

apply here ⟶

Online or in-person macro based competition prep for clients that will be competing at a national show in the United States. 

Hair, makeup, and day of show support is included in the cost of this program!

Monthly investment: $300

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coaching packages


off-season coaching

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We recommend that all serious competitors work with a coach for their off season and/or preseason training. During this time we will optimize your metabolism, muscular development and mindset.

This program includes weekly check-ins and monthly training program.

Monthly investment: $150 or $175

Posing is often one of the most overlooked aspects of contest prep by Novice competitors. If you truly want to take it to the next level, it is important that your overall stage presence, posing and stage look are polished, classy and professional. At Team Fitbliss we believe in building beautiful, confident routines that allow the amazing women we work with shine. We do our best to provide an environment where you feel comfortable to step out of your comfort zone while still creating a routine that is truly “You!”

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posing packages


Individual posing session for Fitbliss clients: $40/hr

Group posing session: $10

Posing package: $150 for 3 individual posing sessions and 3 group posing sessions

Online Skype Posing: $35/30 minutes

Fitbliss Glam (Show day hair and makeup): $150

posing costs for fitbliss clients

Individual posing session for Fitbliss clients: $50/hr

Group posing session: $15

Posing package: $200 for 3 individual posing sessions and 3 group posing sessions

Online Skype Posing: $50/30 minutes

Fitbliss Glam (Show day hair and makeup): $150

posing costs for non-fitbliss clients

schedule your session ⟶

schedule your session ⟶

Whether you’re a national level athlete chasing a pro card or a first time competitor looking to step on stage for the first time, we're here to help you have the best prep possible! We use only the most current research available to prepare our bikini and figure athletes in the healthiest manner possible, taking consideration of both their physiological and psychological health. We pride ourselves in bringing polished, healthy, balanced, happy and vibrant athletes to the stage.

the fitbliss difference

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Do I get to choose my coach?

You will get to choose the primary coach who you will be checking in with on a weekly basis. This person will write your training progams, answer your questions and offer emotional support. 

That said one of the things that makes our team so great is that you will have access to your primary coach, PLUS each one of prep clients are overseen by a team of our 5 Master Prep Coaches, who are all female competitors themselves. Together we will monitor your progress, assess plateaus and make adjustments to your contest prep plan as needed.

Do you coach beginners?

We coach all levels of Bikini athletes from IFBB Bikini Pros, National level NPC athletes to novice bikini competitors eager to get on stage for the first time. No matter where you are at, our team of coaches are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best contest prep experience possible. 

Do you prep high level athletes?

We coach all levels of Bikini athletes from IFBB Bikini Pros, National level NPC athletes to novice bikini competitors eager to get on stage for the first time. No matter where you are at, our team of coaches are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best contest prep experience possible.

How much will my contest prep cost?

You will pay “Lifestyle Coaching” pricing for your building/foundational phases. Once you reach 16 weeks out, your pricing will change to Contest Prep pricing. 

When will I know the date of my contest?

Typically we will make the final decision on your show date at 12 weeks out.

What federations do you coach people for?

Our preferred federation for the Bikini, Wellness and Figure division is the NPC/IFBB as it’s the highest level and most competitive. Though, it is important to note that this federation is not drug tested, which is one of the reasons why your contest prep will likely take longer than you’d like. Elite level results will take time to achieve naturally. You can’t have crockpot results in a microwave minute. 

That said, we have also had success prepping clients for the WBFF, NGA, WNBF and OCB. In fact, these federations are usually easier to place well in. 

What divisions do you coach people for?

We are most known for prepping NPC/IFBB Bikini athletes, but we are more than comfortable with coaching Wellness and Figure competitors as well.

How long will my prep take?

Most athletes will complete a 3-12 month building phase before officially beginning a contest prep phase which will generally take 12-20 weeks of structured dieting.

Will I have to follow a meal plan?

We utilize a Flexible Dieting approach which will require you to track your food to hit specific goals, especially a daily protein and calorie target. As you get closer to your contest, you will also need to hit specific fat and carb intakes as well. 

We are more than happy to help you transition to tracking from meal plans. 

How much cardio will I do?

At Fitbliss, we take the time to set you up for success and that typically means no more than 4-5 30 minute cardio sessions per week as an absolute max. (150 minutes per week) If you were in a situation that you needed to do more, we would typically choose a better contest date for you. 

In general, most of our prep athletes do 10-20 minutes of cardio 3-4 days per week.

We also monitor your step count and will sometimes utilize increasing steps instead of adding cardio training.

Do you put your athletes on steroids?

We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to build our clients into successful competitors through hard work, time and utilizing all of the current research and protocols available for natural athletes. This approach will typically take longer and require you to train even harder than your enhanced competition, but will allow you to have a long, healthy career and maintain your overall health long term.   

What if I just want to compete for fun?

We fully support a not-so-serious approach to prep for first timers who are just competing for fun. That said, it’s actually not fun to place last or to feel like you are the least prepared woman on stage (in a tiny bikini in front of a panel of judges. especially).

 If we don’t feel you are ready to place in the Top 5 in your class(es), we will hold you off from doing a competition until you are.

How many days per week will I have to train?

For natural athletes, recovery is of the utmost importance. To leverage the best results, we will limit your training to 4-5 days per week. 

Do you help with posing, hair, makeup and suit selection?

YES! We are one stop shop and will assist you with every step along the way!

Will you be there with me at my show?

Regional - We have coaches at certain local NPC contests in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona for day-of-show support. If you aren’t competing in one of those contests or willing or able to travel to us, we will be skyping with you throughout the day to ensure everything is going perfectly! 

NPC National Shows - We have coaches at all National Level contests that we have clients competing at. 

IFBB Shows - We have coaches at all IFBB level contests that we have clients competing at. 

What will my Peak Week Plan look like?

Peak week varies greatly athlete to athlete, but one thing is certain: Our number one priority is bringing down your stress levels to eliminate any water retention/edema and to bring a lean, full and tight physique. 

We will do this by decreasing training intensity, increasing sleep, increasing food at the time our coaching team has pinpointed to be ideal for you and you will be generally hydrated.



“Team Fitbliss has supported me in preparation for 3 of my 4 competitions including my most recent competition where I earned my IFBB Pro Card. My overall experience has been phenomenal! The coaches with Team Fitbliss are passionate, genuine, and experts not only regarding nutrition and weightlifting, but also in empowering women to accomplishing their individual goals. Their philosophy is inspiring and proven. They educate women on the most up to date evidence based practices in fitness and nutrition, creating an attainable and maintainable lifestyle to accomplish short/long term goals and overall health. My life is forever changed for the better because of Team Fitbliss.”



“Switching over to Fitbliss Fitness for my contest prep has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having Anneke for a coach has been a night and day difference from the coach I used before. I feel like I can vent, express anything I am feeling or thinking without being judged. I’m not worried that she is going to tell me that I am not looking good enough or make me feel like I’m just another client. She really cares and gives honest helpful feedback. I love that I am accountable by filling in my macros, workouts, cardio, water, sleep every single day. It helps me to stay on top of everything every day. I love that I can be completely honest on how my week was emotionally and physically every week. It is kind of like having a little therapy session and helps to relieve built up stress. I have been with the contest prep program for a year now and I am currently prepping for my second show and my reverse diet this time around was amazing compared to my first! After my first show I gained a lot of weight and pretty fast which left me struggling mentally. This time around I was able to maintain around where I should be for about 3 months and now my prep for my up coming show is going to be so much easier. The best part about it was mentally I didn’t struggle after this last show. I’ve had such a great experience with Fitbliss Fitness and I am so happy I am using them for my contest prep!”


— alysha smith, NPC BIKINI

“I knew I would need help with posing for my first competition so after a recommendation from a friend, I hired Shayla from Fitbliss to help me with the part that scared me the most—posing. I never thought after my first session I would be able to master the bikini poses and routine, but Shayla was patient, detailed, and encouraging throughout the entire process. I couldn’t have done it without her.”



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