The Lifting Club

an online strength training community

Join our Lifting Club to receive our evidence-based resistance training program straight to your phone through our Fitbliss app.  

Each month is an opportunity to grow with your updated training block that provides new challenges and exercises while allowing you to progress foundational movements proven to create results.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting (or it’s been a while), our team has created a safe space to support your progress while providing the accountability needed to take it to the next level.

lifting should be fun!

Ask our coaches unlimited training + nutrition questions

Form demos of every exercise with detailed instructions in a simple video

New workouts released every month

Monthly resistance training programs in our app

The lifting club

Monthly Fitness Program

$29 per month

Unlimited form feedback from our Team of Lifting Club coaches

Easy-to-use app with strength tracking

Support via active Facebook community

In-Depth Weekly Check-In with your Coach

Custom Nutrition Coaching

Access to Lifting Club
+ Nutrition Coaching

$179 per month

Short on time? Choose between our Full-Length or Express options each day, so you never have to miss a workout.

Never Miss a workout

Choose the compound exercises that work best for YOUR body. Contact our coaches to scale the workouts to your fitness level.

Make the program your own

Utilize compound movements, accessory exercises, and core strengthening for the ultimate balance of strength, conditioning, and aesthetics. Each session features a warm-up circuit for your compound lifts followed by accessory movements.

An inclusive solution

with our in-gym programs

what to expect


Designed to provide the structure and support needed for women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Our lifting app will challenge you with safe and easy to learn workouts.

Are you an expecting mother? Check out our Strong pregnancy program!

are you an expecting mother? check out our strong pregnancy program!

Gaining confidence training with weights can be easy with proper education and guidance (plus a little bravery).

That’s why all of our Lifting Club programs include educational videos, detailed instructions, unlimited form feedback, *and so much more* from our team of expert coaches for only $29 per month!

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1. Sign up here.

2. Receive a welcome email with instructions within 24 hours.

3. Post videos in our private group for form feedback.

4. Receive weekly tips and resources.

5. See results and feel good.

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Sign up for our nutrition coaching for $150 per month.

Need nutrition assistance too?

You’ll receive your program immediately after signing up via the app.

When will I receive access? 

We provide a new workout on the first Monday of every month which includes 5 days of distinct exercise routines. These stay the same for 4 weeks and are refreshed every month.

How often are new workouts released?

Nope! Just pay as you go, with payments made every month. No contract is required and you can cancel at any month.



Yes, definitely! That’s why we offer a free 1-week trial. Sign up here.

Can I try it out before signing up?

Workouts are shared in our app, letting you bring our guidance to the gym, the hotel or your living room. Wherever you have a few minutes (or more) to challenge and strengthen yourself, we’re there. 

Where can I access the workouts?