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“Fitbliss is all about empowering women to find a love and passion for not only health and fitness, but also for their own well-being.”

Samantha Clements affectionately known as Sami G amongst the Fitbliss Fam lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Tanner and their Black Lab, Teddy. Not only is Sami a Fitbliss Online Coach and Personal Trainer, but she is also a 3rd Grade teacher at William Penn Elementary in SLC.

Sami has a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s Degree in Education and she is also a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her teaching background coupled with her time with Fitbliss, has made Sami one of our most patient and encouraging coaches on staff. 

Sami’s journey to becoming a Fitbliss coach started in 2014 when she finished college and realized how unhappy and uncomfortable she felt in her body. She was going back and forth between overeating and starving herself from foods she loved and doing a lot of cardio. When she did workout she had some imbalances and trouble doing proper form so she was very susceptible to injuries. The yo-yoing and aimless exercise wasn’t getting her anywhere so finally she reached out to Fitbliss and began the process of Flexible Dieting and lifting weights.


 Fast forward a few years and Sami has transformed her body, competed in both Powerlifting and NPC Bikini competitions, but more importantly she has transformed her mindset and fully embraced the Fitbliss approach that will allow her to grow for the rest of her life!

When asked what Fitbliss meant to her, Sam said, “Fitbliss is all about empowering women to find a love and passion for not only health and fitness, but also for their own well-being. Fitbliss is about educating women on the science behind fitness and nutrition that will help them to achieve their goals and continue to be healthy and successful throughout their lives! Fitbliss is not a “program” it’s a lifestyle that is sustainable throughout your whole life! It’s a community of supportive women who will be behind you whether you are looking to compete in an npc show, learn to powerlift, or just reach a health and fitness goal!”

Email: samig@fitblissfitness.com

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