If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know that one MAJOR component of our program is challenging yourself. But with that comes instances where you might be nervous and perhaps would feel safer or more confident with some backup. Enter, SPOTTERS!

A “spotter” is someone who can stand by as you perform lifts; most commonly the squat and bench press. They can assist you if you start to struggle, can protect you from any dangerous situations, and ultimately give you the confidence you need to go for a challenging lift (just be sure to keep good form intact and to rack the weight when and if you need assistance.)

If you need to ask someone to be your spotter, it’s not awkward!

There is actually a specific protocol you can follow when asking for a spot to ensure that you are following gym etiquette.

When the time comes you reach a set that you want or need help with, we suggest looking around your gym and finding someone who appears to be on a rest period. Simply ask, “Hey, I am sorry to interrupt, but would you feel comfortable spotting me?”

It’s best if you are as detailed as possible about what you are looking for. For bench, you may like to tell them, please count to three, “3-2-1, then hand it to me on 1.” Let them know if you’d like them to take the weight if you struggle, or just to help you make it to the top.

If it goes well, you can ask them if they mind if you grab them again for the next set. Or, if you feel more comfortable, you could ask a different person the second time should you need it.

You may wonder,

“What if I am interrupting their workout?”

“What if they are mean?”

“What if they think I am stupid?”

 Let go of all that.

People will surprise you with their willingness to help and in time you will start to make friends at your gym. Before you know it, asking for a spotter will be second nature and you will be making better progress than you ever have before!




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